Update from Tracey

I am very very excited!!!! Did I say I am very very excited!!! Last week Casey came off her methadone, Ciprofloxacin and today she’s coming off her vancomycin¬†and posoconazole. The best news is the (prednisone)steriods which have been apart of her life for the past 8 years will now be replaced by a milder steriod (hydrocortisone.) For the past few weeks Casey’s been on the move walking through the stores with her walker and of course getting me to purchase things for her which is a very small price to pay for all what she has endured. Her sister is her biggest and best motivator. She drives Casey to do things that I would not have been able to achieve on my own. Praises be to God!! Casey can now see clearly out of both eyes without the cataracts obstructing her vision. She has gone from 64lbs to 47lbs. I am so blessed to have Casey in my life. She has taught me the true meaning of life. Hope is what we have and I am still walking with it. Thank you God for giving her a second chance. Thank you all for the prayers, donations and the people who stood by us throughout our hard times. Thank you. -Tracey Glasgow

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